Every animal lover feels heartbreak when they hear about a story in which a dog has been starved and abused. This feeling can haunt a veterinarian, someone who devotes their life to animals, who that their patient has given up the will to live and is unlikely to survive their neglectful situation. It can sometimes appear as though the will to live has literally been sucked out of the abused creature.

After a very busy day taking care of all sorts of animals, Dr. Andy Mathis was more than ready to go home for the evening after a hard day at Elberton Veterinarian and Animal Hospital, when the phone rang. The caller was a woman begging for his assistance. She had found a dog on the side of a dirt road and feared that the animal wouldn’t make it through the night. Mathis decided to forego his plans for the evening and instructed her to bring the dog into the clinic.

His initial assessment of the dog painted a very grim picture. The Pitbull was severely anemic, hypothermic, and emaciated to such a degree that her body had started to collapse in on itself. Mathis knew that the easiest approach to handling this situation was to recommend that the dog be put down. But instead of taking the easy route, Mathis knew he had to attempt to save the dog’s life.

The first thing he did was name her Graycie Clair. It’s not surprising that Graycie Clair did not trust humans. She was scared, nervous and refused to eat. Mathis got into the enclosure with Graycie Clair, sat down beside her and started to eat out of a dog bowl. As you will see in the video this started to put Graycie Clair at ease and eventually she started eating.

Mathis shared this video in order to inspire others, who may be facing a similar situation, of his novel approach to dog rehabilitation. This is one veterinarian who was willing to make a difference even if it fell outside of his normal business hours. His unique approach to treatment is what resulted in a successful outcome for Graycie Clair.


I am so pleased to be able to tell you that Graycie Clair is doing wonderfully thanks to Dr. Mathis. In fact, here is a video of them sharing a special meal together 1 year later. Enjoy.