Dogs are capable of showing extreme loyalty and love for those that are considered a part of their pack. Army dogs are a special breed when it comes to demonstrating their dedication to their training and loyalty to those around them. One such dog couldn’t be deterred from showing his respect to the man that he considered his family.

Duo Duo and his handler, Wang Xudong, were based at an Army installation in Eastern China. Xudong was retiring after years of service. Duo Duo was supposed to be patrolling during the retirement ceremony when he happened across it. Xudong tried to convince the German Shepherd to return to duty, but he refused, preferring to stay by Xudong’s side.

Those that attended the event stated that Duo Duo decided to take part and salute of his own volition. Being a dog, he saluted in the only manner that was available to him, by standing on his back legs at full attention. Duo Duo refused to return to all four paws until the rest of the soldiers were done saluting, sustaining the posture for over ten seconds. That takes a lot of dedication in order to stay upright for that amount of time for a dog.

The pictures of the event went viral on the Chinese equivalent of Twitter. It shows Duo Duo saluting his handler as the rest of the soldiers are saluting their guard post for the final time at the Siyang Squadron station. One person on the social media platform posted,

“Some animals are more emotional than humans”.

It seems that other people around the world agree with this sentiment as the story continues to spread. Another comment implores others to treat Army dogs with respect even after they’ve retired. These dogs are capable of so much love that they deserve to be treated right even after their service is no longer required. Other users expressed the hope that Duo Duo will receive such a sendoff when it’s his time to retire from duty.

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